We believe that individual investors have paid excessive fees to financial services institutions for too long. Investor capital is fragmented, stripping investors of their negotiating power. Access and information are hard to come by and trust is at an all time low. We believe there is a better way - one that empowers individual investors to achieve greater success.

This is why we built Empala.


Is the ultimate measure of our success.

We will continuously earn it in everything we do, and every way we do it.

Over an investor's lifetime just 1% in excess fees can cost as much as 50% in lost returns

On a $200K account that's $100K!!

Fees matter a lot - especially the hidden ones!

Our Members
Technology and scale allows us to pass the previously high profit margins of incumbents on to our members and to continuously reduce their fees and increase their opportunities.
We place our investors and their capital at the center of the financial ecosystem where they will receive proper value, opportunity and control.
We believe in aligning our interests with our members' interests and our revenues are fully transparent and fixed. We have nothing to sell but our ability to facilitate.

Join Together.

Invest Together. Succeed Together.

The world's first technology - enabled, full stack investor community.


Build a global community of individual investors

Create a complete investor ecosystem of participants.

Offer collaborative, proprietary data, algos & analytics tools.

Quality investment club capabilities at a global scale.


Give members market influence & control

Capital resides on our platform acting as a single negotiating entity.

This is accomplished through our global interlinked network of broker-dealers, funds, & digital wallets.


Deliver our members the best products & services for the lowest cost

Negative equity trading costs & free private market transactions.

Leverage our members' critical mass to always negotiate the best possible terms.


Scale platform to provide greater opportunities

Foster innovative deal origination & collaboration.

Provide unique P2P transaction opportunities.

Attract high-quality deal flow.


Empower members with technological and regulatory innovation

Innovative fund structures & global broker-dealer network.

Fully automated private market investment technologies.

Digital token transaction rails on distributed ledgers.